Chateau Otin

The Chateau Otin Renovation Project is an ongoing restoration of a 14th Century chateau and 18th Century baroque gloriette. Both are Cultural Monument Buildings, where the Czech historian and politician, known as “Father of the Nation” – František Palacký -spent his time writing; and where his wedding with Tereza Mechurova took place in 1827. 

Our story with Chateau Otin started on the 18th of October 2018 when, by virtue of an almost fantastic chain of events, we signed the purchase contract and Chateau Otin went into our care. During that year we managed to stop any further decay of the buildings and began to prepare the first part of the restoration project. Our aim is to not only renovate the chateau complex but to bring it back to life – and make it meaningful for people now.

The renovation is divided into three parts:

-We will start with the gloriette – this is in the worst condition currently. After renovation, this building will become an interactive museum of František Palacký, where visitors may also spend a night in the “dome room” surrounded by books and ideas.

-Renovation of the main building where a literature-inspired hotel will be opened.

-Opening the Inspirational garden with hidden reading spots. A venerable pond will gain its own “voice” and will help children from local villages to learn foreign languages.

Project details:

Palacky and Otin: the place where he became happy

František Palacký was born on the 14th of June 1798 in the small village of Hodslavice in Northern Moravia. His father was a Lutheran preacher who opened an Evangelical school in Hodslavice, where little František learned to read and write. When this boy was nine years old, he was sent to the Lyceum in Kunin near Nový Jičín to study German. František was a talented student – by the age of 19 he was fluent in 11 languages.

“What comes from true love will never disappear”

František Palacký