About the owner

Since the end of 2018 Chateau Otin has been owned by the Czech company Simargland s.r.o., founded in 2010 and known under the brand SD Prague. For more than ten years my small team and I have been creating unique trips and tours around the Czech Republic for travellers from all over the world.

A year ago, however, thanks to Chateau Otin, we also set off on a grandiose journey – challenging and fascinatingly beautiful: the journey to restore Chateau Otin to its former glory.

Let our efforts succeed!

Daria Krstev

Thoughts on a Literary hotel

Literature itself is a territory of many possibilities  – someone writes, someone reads, someone thinks or travels… For me it’s a way to focus and put together different times. If the past is enriched with many literary and human stories, then our present and future will also become richer.


The architectural bureau ‘An Architekt’ was founded 18 years ago by a young and ambitious architect – Jiri Soukup. In addition to successful projects in the contemporary style, An Architekt studio specialises in the reconstruction of historical buildings, including the cultural monuments of the Czech Republic . Since his student days, Jiri has been helping to bring to life the small castle Sebeč for a non-profit social organisation.

The main architect of the project is Jiri Soukup. Plans and specifications together with Lucie Bartošová.


Otin’s guests and friends