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The country of excitently beautiful houses.

They say that every successful project has the personal story behind it. Mine started in 2008, when I came to Czechia for the first time and got totaly facinated by Prague architecture. I got a thought that thia is a place where I can be happy without much extra, even if for some reasons I won’t have friends or money […]

The Story of Two Hands.

Some time ago, during long snowless winter in Europe, in the time of Old New Year days in Russia, at one Bangkok market two Buddha hands were bought. Essentially, one at first, a wooden simply crafted hand with little golden leaves on it, then about an hour later the buyer saw the same hand but bigger and thought this one […]

Historical photos of the chateau. 1965-1990.

Those photographs are from the archive of the Plzen Region. Most of the pictures were taken at the time of an unsuccessful reconstruction in 1989-1990.

Here, at those photos, we can see some parts of the chateau’s historical interiors – the elements of the carved ceiling of the ballroom, stained-glass doors and a floral wall decor. 

Postcards from the past.

After purchasing the chateau and when all the urgent tasks (insurance, taxes, etc.) were completed, the next thing I did was starting to collect information about the history of the place and its the former owners. Architects wrote inquiries to historical archives and I did to antique shops and second-hand bookseller’s.
And here are my first wonderful findings!

Palacky and Otin: the place where he found happiness.

František Palacký was born on the 14th of June 1798 in the small village of Hodslavice in Northern Moravia. His father was a Lutheran preacher who opened an Evangelical school in Hodslavice, where little František learned to read and write. When this boy was nine years old, he was sent to the Lyceum in Kunin near Nový Jičín to study German. František was a talented student – by the age of 19 he was fluent in 11 languages.

The story of one fictional wedding.

One week after the purchase of Chateau Otin I took my friends to show them the place. The estate was smothered in red and yellow leaves and that somehow veiled all the nuances of its condition. The place looked flawless and it seemed that it could open its doors to host a beautiful dinner already now.