Chateau Otin –

Literary Hotel

The most grandiose and complex part of the project is the restoration of the chateau itself, which, can only be fully completed within two to three years. Our architects are now working on the technical documentation and construction plans and we are developing the concept of the future literary hotel; working on the design of the guests rooms and the public areas.


Over time, Chateau Otin suffered tremendous neglect. The latest partial reconstruction of the building took place in the 80’s and 90’s.  The positive side of this was the preservation of the facade, but unfortunately none of the jewels of the historical interiors survived – the original carved ceiling was dismantled, the magnificent entrance, wall decorations, and ceiling stucco were irretrievably destroyed.


Approximately half of the budget for the emergency roof repair was provided by the Czech Ministry of Culture. All the works are under the supervision of the Architecture Heritage Organisation of the Pilsen Region. The emergency repair works will be finished by the end of December 2019. The main goal of the current works is to save the building from further delapidation while it awaits the start of a full-scale restoration. Fundraising for the restoration continues.


At the moment there is no set timeline for the reconstruction of Chateau Otin. Perhaps we will start restoration works of the chateau only after the Palacky Museum will be opened at the Gloriette building so we can use the income from the museum’s gift shop, wedding events and accommodation of guests in our “cupola room”.

“It takes a great deal of history produce a little literature.” Henry James