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  • All rubbish was removed from the premises
  • Drainpipes were cleaned
  • We collected archive materials about the buildings. We also found some old photos of the Chateau (1965-1990)
  • We prepared documents to apply for several government grants – 2 to the Pilsen Region and one to the Czech Ministry of Culture for help due to the critical state of the roofs.  The latter was granted at the end of August (with a 30/70 share)
  • October-November: the leaking parts of the roofs were repaired.   New drains were installed. Now the building is protected for the next winter while waiting for the reconstruction to begin.
  • The website was constructed.


  • An architectural project for the reconstruction of the Gloriette was prepared
  • We submitted all necessary documents for obtaining the building permit, including a historical analysis of the frescoes (on the ground and the first floors of the Gloriette) which date back to the middle of the 18th century. We also carried out the building survey and finally obtained permission from the required authorities to connect the building to sewage and electricity.
  • October-November:  the roof was repaired.


  • Geodetic survey was prepared
  • All the trees were checked, identified and marked on a map
  • We prepared the sketches for landscaping and the overall concept of the design.
  • In December, diseased trees will be removed from the garden.

Here we are

“Come on, Ma, don’t say that – it’s a beautiful house.”

Norman Eisen